8 Items for a Vegetarian Thanksgiving

More and more people are following a vegetarian diet, either full time or on occasion. When you don’t eat turkey on Thanksgiving, that leaves more room for other things, such as:

 "Thanksgiving without turkey?"

1) Stuffing made with cooked veggie sausage instead of meat or seafood (and, of course, this type of stuffing is prepared in a pan, not placed in a turkey!)

2) Sweet potatoes (with or without miniature marshmallows)

3) Salad (a good opportunity to fit in a protein source, such as cheese or chickpeas, as well as a way to include some greens)

4) Cranberry sauce (purchased or homemade)

5) Green beans (plain or in a meat-free casserole)

6) Crescent rolls (with or without butter)

7) Mashed potatoes (without gravy or with mushroom gravy)

8) Pie (pumpkin, apple, pecan—whatever you like!)

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