5 Things to Enjoy about Fall

As the days get shorter and the nights get chillier, we realize that summer is definitely over and fall is fully here. Time to enjoy the particular delights of this season, including:

 McIntosh apple

1) Apples! Even though they’re available year-round, fresh fall apples are the best. Eaten right out of your hand or baked in a dessert, apples are among the wonders of autumn.

2) Halloween candy. It's fun to have a good reason to buy miniature candy bars and other tiny treats. With all of the changes in the world in recent decades, there is something reassuring about the endurance of the trick-or-treating tradition.

3) World Series. It is, after all, the Fall Classic. And it’s interesting that a sport that is so associated with summer reaches its pinnacle in the middle of fall!

4) Chrysanthemums. These humble flowers—often simply called “mums”—brighten things up during the fall months, with their vivid hues such as yellow and purple and red. When other flowers are long gone or fading fast, mums liven up the autumn landscape.

5) Pumpkins. We may at times take for granted these orange orbs which are ubiquitous in October, but it’s more enjoyable to appreciate them. Whether sitting on a porch or baked into a pie, pumpkins are a perennial part of the fun of fall.

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