3 Thoughts about 50

This year, the youngest baby boomers—those born in 1964—are turning 50. (Among them are Sandra Bullock, Stephen Colbert, Russell Crowe, Bobby Flay, Laura Linney and Michelle Obama.) In honor of that milestone, here are a few observations about being in the 50-and-over club:

 The number 50

1) One of the advantages of being age 50 or over is that you have at least five decades of life experience to draw upon as you deal with new situations or contemplate possible courses of action. Most of us have learned a lot of life lessons that can help us make decisions going forward.

2) Most of us also seem to be more resilient at this time of life than when we were young adults. We’re aware that we’ve managed to get through many challenging situations and we’ve developed skills and knowledge that will help us deal with future challenges.

3)  Many of us who are age 50 or over are fortunate enough to have some friendships that go back two or three or more decades. Such friendships are woven into the fabric of our lives in extraordinary ways.

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