4 Tips for Summer Travel

In May, many of us are anticipating summer travels. Here are four tips that might come in handy:

 "To Bring" list

1) Making a short list of items that you definitely want to remember to bring with you on a trip can be very helpful. Most of us won’t need a comprehensive “packing list” for the typical trip, but jotting down a few things that you don’t want to forget, such as a camera, can be worthwhile.

2) You may also want to jot down a few key phone numbers and then bring that list with you while traveling. If anything happens to your cell phone during your travels, at least you’ll still have those key numbers available.

3) When you travel by air, you may want to bring a beverage with you when you board the plane, especially in the summer when it’s easy to become dehydrated. On some short flights, there may be no beverage service at all, and on other flights you may have to wait a long while before you’re served a drink. If, after you’ve gone through security, you purchase a bottled drink to bring on the plane, you’ll know you’ll have a beverage available when you want it. (You may also want to bring a healthy snack, as it seems like every year it’s becoming less common for snacks to be included with beverage service.)

4) Lastly, one of the kindest things you can do for yourself when you travel is to expect delays and to be prepared for them. There are so many ways to use a smartphone or tablet while experiencing a travel delay; having some printed material to read can also be nice, if you want to take a break from looking at a screen. It’s easier to get through a delay if you have plenty of interesting activities to engage in while you are waiting. Also, if you can build time into your itinerary to allow for delays, that can result in delays being less stressful when they do arise.

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