In Honor of Pi Day: 5 Points about Pie

March 14th is referred to as Pi Day, in recognition of the ratio of the circumference of a circle to its diameter (which is approximately 3.14159). This year, the date of Pi Day can be expressed as 3.14.15, which makes it extra special, since 2 more digits of pi show up in the date. In honor of this occasion, here are some points about pie (the kind you eat):


1) National Pie Day is on January 23rd each year.

2) According to a Nielsen survey conducted in 2014, apple is still number one among pie flavors. (Pumpkin and chocolate are tied for second, followed by cherry.)

3) Pies originally had meat fillings and baking a pie was a method of food preservation.

4) There are at least 3 types of “pie” that aren’t really pie: Boston cream pie (a type of cake), whoopie pie (a cross between a cookie and a cake) and sweetie pie (a term of endearment).

5) For some people, their favorite pie is pizza pie! For many of us, every month is pizza month, but it turns out that October is actually National Pizza Month.

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