3 Thoughts about February

Three observations about the shortest month:

 "February Thoughts"

1) In terms of length, February is the most distinctive of months. It’s the only month with less than 30 days and the only month whose length varies. How special (and, on occasion, frustrating) it must be to have one’s birthdate be February 29th!

2) Most of us who live in areas that experience snowfall seem to tire of winter at some point in February. Even some of the folks who really appreciate brisk weather, falling snow and winter sports tend to show signs of winter-fatigue by this time of the season. Little reminders of spring, such as a bouquet of flowers, can be most welcome in February.

3) A powerful reminder of warmer weather for baseball fans is spring training, which starts this month in Arizona and Florida. Spring can’t be too far behind once all of the players have reported to their training camps!

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