5 Soundtracks to Boost Your Energy

There’s nothing else like a lively movie soundtrack to help a person to get moving on a dreary winter’s day. Here are 5 good options to consider:

 An eighth note

1) Beyond the Sea. The life story of Bobby Darin—Kevin Spacey plays Darin and, yes, Spacey sings in the film. The soundtrack includes energetic numbers such as Darin’s first hit, “Splish Splash.”

2) De-Lovely. Another life story—Cole Porter, in this case. The album includes classics such as “Anything Goes” and “You’re the Top.”

3) Mary Poppins. Not just for kids, by any means. The movie, which has gotten renewed attention due to the film Saving Mr. Banks, has a vibrant soundtrack that’s punctuated by a few slower numbers.

4) The Music Man. One of the most invigorating movie soundtracks you’ll ever encounter, perhaps in part because the storyline includes a marching band.

5) South Pacific. A musical that, in some ways, was ahead of its time. It features songs such as “Some Enchanted Evening” and “I’m in Love with a Wonderful Guy.”

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